enthralling times

Things are starting to move rather quickly. Havoc is done and dusted (excluding the fact that the cover needs redoing, due to a certain domestic cleaning company recently relaunching their logo so that it looks identical to the originally intended cover. Ugh. Also just noticed an unintentional pun in this paragraph - 'dusted'. Apologies.). A lot of punctuation there. 

On the plus side, book number two is now firmly underway, translation making progress and thoughts about the design beginning to circulate. We're off to Norway this time and it's very different to book one. More to come on this one, but I'm hoping to get it to print in time for a release in October alongside Havoc

I'm currently sat in a hotel bar in Stockholm, having had a very succesful day of meetings with the publishing houses here, so thank you to all of you for making me feel like this project is not completely insane. I'll be travelling onward from here with a handsome, if a little impractical stack of books and cannot wait to complete the Nordic trilogy - Denmark and Norway already in the bag, Sweden soon to follow hopefully. Rather trite, but it'll help with the marketing no doubt. 

Having tested (and heartily approved of) both the isterband and the straight up boiled sausage with the works at Magnus Nilsson's fantastic hotdog stand within the very elegant Teatern foodhall (this is not Westfields), I'm off for a relatively well earned glass of wine and the Cotillard/Fassbender production of Macbeth in bed. #fridaynight

Vi snakkes...