Wow, so it may look like this website is just using up bandwidth, but consider it to be akin to the duck on the pond - all calm and serene above the surface, but legs madly paddling below. Except instead of a duck's legs, there's a tired publisher. Madly paddling. 

I am so excited to announce that the first book released by Nordisk will be Tom Kristensen's 'Havoc' ('Hærværk' in the original Danish). I'll be posting more on this later, but expect it to hit the streets in early October. This one is a bit different from most of the stuff you'll be seeing from Nordisk Books (namely in that it was originally published as long ago as 1930), but as a modern classic in Denmark and as a study of the effects that drink and jazz can have on a man, it's hard to beat. 

Talks are advancing on the second book at the moment - off to Norway this time. Also fascinating work, in a completely other register, but I won't jinx it by saying any more now. 

Loads more to come in any case - I'll be in Stockholm at the end of the month, hitting the book stores for inspiration, so with a bit of luck, I may have a hat trick on my hands come the end of summer...

In the meantime - god nat!