leaving, on a jet plane

It turns out all this is rather time consuming, so unfortunately the blog has gone to the bottom of the to do list, as I figured it's more important that more people get to read the fantastic work we're publishing, rather than my self involved nonsense, but as I'm up early with a bit of time to kill before a flight to Aarhus, I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts.

The big news since the last post is that Nordisk Books has published the Norwegian, Kim Hiorthøy's, beautiful and odd book, You can't betray your best friend and learn to sing at the same time. I've been asked by a few people now how I've come across the books that are starting to form Nordisk's list and I must admit I can't really remember where I first saw this, only that I was wooed by the title and knew I was going to love everything about it as soon as I saw the drawing on page one. Kim's an astonishing character, the breadth of variety in his work is really a great achievement and he's a charming individual to boot. When we launched the book at Libreria, I asked him where the title came from. He explained simply that when he wrote/drew the book, he had just let down/betrayed his best friend and felt that it would be impossible, given how low he felt, to do something as positive as learning to sing. I think this combination of the literal and the elegiac, with the surreal and the naïvist, which permeates the book throughout, is exactly what makes it so appealing.

In February, Nordisk Books turned one year old. I endeavoured to celebrate this with a well intended if ultimately misguided attempt at a 'PR stunt' by cycling round London in the sleet, handing out cupcakes to booksellers. Not sure it was really worth the effort (read: frozen hands), but I hope those who did get a cake, enjoyed them. For those who didn't get one, here they are.

Following my rant about why Politiken's article on Havoc was unfounded and just generally unresonable (see last blog post), I was delighted (read: vindicated) to see that another of the Danish broadsheets, Kristeligt Dagblad, was kind enough to publish a glowing review. Always nice to have confirmation that we're on the right track.

And now? I'm working flat out to make sure the next book is moving along and can't wait to release it to the world (publication date to be confirmed, but looking like late autumn). It's already been turned into both a play and an opera in its native Sweden, and its author was runner up as Swedish 'Woman of the Year, 2017'...

On top of that, I'm organising an evening of all things Nordic in Leeds, a film screening in London and I've just gone and bought another book. So it may be some time until this blog sees any activity, but do check out Twitter and Instagram for more timely updates.

Thanks for your support!