Kim Hiorthøy
(NO, 1973 -)

Hiorthøy's recent cinematic directorial debut, The Rules For Everything, was in many ways an excellent introduction to the work of this Norwegian multi-talent. Featuring a bilingual script (which he co-wrote), a wonderfully surreal ambience and beautiful cinematography, all set to a score also by Hiorthøy, it draws the viewer into his world for 90 minutes. 

After attending the fine arts school in his hometown of Trondheim, Hiorthøy did stints in both Copenhagen and New York. He has worked in the fields of music, producing a number of electronic albums; visual arts, notably designing award winning cover sleeves for Motorpsycho; choreography, film and of course, he has written and illustrated the book You can't betray your best friend and learn to sing at the same time.

Hiorthøy lives in Oslo.