Hello there!

If you've arrived on this part of the website it's either because you've been invited to our all singing (there may be singing), all dancing (if we get drunk enough) launch party. 

This is a two in one celebration - firstly it's the launch of Nordisk Books as a going concern. I set the company up in February of this year with a view to getting high quality Scandinavian literary fiction out to the UK market. There is so much more to the region's output of novels than overwrought crime capers and hopefully the forthcoming selection of carefully selected works, faithfully translated from the original texts, will allow you access to the world of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish fiction in a way that has not been possible in this country before. 


Secondly, it's a party for the launch of our first release - Tom Kristensen's 'Havoc.' Originally released in Denmark in 1930, it charts the whisky-fuelled downfall of a Copenhagen literary critic. As Karl Over Knausgård, author of the world best-selling 'My Struggle' series has commented:

Hærværk (Havoc) is one of the best novels to ever come out of Scandinavia. As discomforting as beautiful, it portrays the fall of a man, and it's so hypnotically written that you want to fall with him.

So please join us - you will be able to buy copies of Havoc at a reduced price of £10 (RRP £12), and we'll be putting on a fine selection (ish) of wines and canapés. Details below:

Date: Friday 9th September, 2016
Time: 19.00 - 22.00
Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (tube Holborn, bus no. 38)
After party: the Dolphin Tavern (just next door)
Debit/credit card payments will be accepted for purchase of books

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See you on the 9th!

Duncan J. Lewis
Director, Nordisk Books