Although technically based in Stavanger, the setting for his Nordisk Books debut Termin, Henrik Nor-Hansen has spent most of the last decade or so sailing round the world with his wife in a rather small boat. His first novel was published in 1996 and he has since written a number of books and collections of poetry. Termin is his first book to be translated into English and was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2017. 

Termin: An Inquiry Into Violence in Norway,
Henrik Nor-Hansen //
Translated by Matt Bagguley //  

Released May 23rd 2019 //  
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This inquiry looks at the case of Kjetil Tuestad, who in spring 1998 married Ann Elisabet Larsen. They had bought a house in Hommersåk. Kjetil was 26 years old. He worked as an electrician at Rosenberg Shipyard in Stavanger. On midsummer night of that same year he was found severely beaten on the outskirts of Hommersåk. Kjetil was unconscious when the doctor arrived. After a quick examination, he was transported by air ambulance to the emergency room at Stavanger University Hospital. They detected concussion, facial fractures, and breakages to the ribcage. Kjetil remained under observation for several hours. The head injuries were said to be serious. He regained consciousness the following morning.

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